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Commonwealth Time Capsule

The Royal Commonwealth Society asked members of the public to contribute their stories to create a 'people's history' of the Commonwealth during the 60 years of The Queen's reign

The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) launched a Jubilee Time Capsule project to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

The project told the story of the 60 years since The Queen's Accession through an online collection of 'memories' (stories) from across the Commonwealth.

Over 37,000 people contributed more than 21,000 memories about their family, community, country or the Commonwealth for each one of the thousands of days of Her Majesty’s reign, creating a 'people’s history' of the time of Her Majesty's reign across the Commonwealth.

On 14 November 2012 The Queen, as Patron of the Royal Commonwealth Society and Head of the Commonwealth, visited the RSC to be presented with the sealed Jubilee Time Capsule. Her Majesty received the Diamond (re)Collection (top 60 entries) which are now housed in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle. 

Find out more on the Jubilee Time Capsule website.