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This page is for members of the public wishing to send a congratulatory message to Her Majesty on the occasion of the Sixtieth Anniversary of her Coronation.

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Many congratulations your Majesty on your Diamond Jubilee. You have been a wonderful Monarch and I hope you will continue to be for many more years. Greta Fegredo, UK

Your Majesty, Congratulations for your Diamond Jubilee. I wish you all the best for the future. Federica Manighetti, Italy

Congratulations, Your Majesty on your Diamond Jubilee! Thank you for your gracious presence as an example of loyalty, service, and dignity for your subjects, as well as people throughout the world. N Stewart, Ohio, USA

A big congratulation for your diamond jubilee. Bernadette, Belgium

Your Majesty, Please accept my best wishes for your Diamond Jubilee. My friends and I had a great time watching the celebrations on TV. May you enjoy many more years of happiness and success. Congratulations again! Anna Linzer, Vienna, Austria