How much can I win at WPT online poker tournaments?

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A WPT poker tournament gives players a chance to win prizes in the form of real money by playing online poker games. However, it’s not free to play games that win real money. The site operates in a distinctive model that grants players access to an unlimited number of poker tournaments where players can win luxury prizes and cash without having to buy in each time.

However, you must pay monthly subscription fees to be illegible for these prizes, which is an attractive offer to players who may be worried about playing with real money.

This article examines how much you can win at the WPT poker tournament.

WPT Poker Tournament Prize Eligibility

All eligible members are listed in a prize pool of an average of $100000 each month, and no purchases are required to win. The tournaments operate under sweepstake rules and exclude people living in the regions where sweepstake rules don’t apply.

The WPT poker tournament is not a gambling platform but a real poker. Therefore, the eligibility to win prizes and cash is greatly determined by the state where you live, whereas the local laws determine the sweepstake’s eligibility. Therefore, you cannot participate in sweepstakes poker tournaments if your territory is deemed ineligible.

WPT Poker Tournament Prize Redemption

To claim the prizes you won, you are required to provide the information to prove your eligibility. Still, the good thing is that you supply illegibility information only once as long as you don’t migrate from the state where you reside. The eligibility information contains age, residence, and proof of identity. All three requirements are a must to claim your prize.

Some acceptable documents that can act as proof of age, residence, and identity include a valid passport, US driver’s license, military identification card, state identification card, Canadian province identification card, and Canadian driver’s license. A copy of the documents above can also be submitted to the respective address with your WPT poker tournament username and full name.

Bonuses You Can Win by Playing WPT Poker Tournament

All players who successfully sign up at the WPT poker tournament are awarded a welcome bonus upon making their first deposit. The welcome bonus amounts to $110; out of it, $10 is a ticket to a tournament which guarantees you entry to a prize pool of $ 100000. There is also a regular bonus of 100 percent of deposits of up to $1200. Also, new players who deposit $20 and above are eligible for this bonus, and no redemption code is needed.

The bonus is awarded in increments of $5; $5 is credited for each $20 rake generated. Therefore, this bonus corresponds to 25 percent effective cash back, slightly higher than the industry standards. Both cash games and tournaments count for this type of bonus, and new players are given 90 days from when they made their first deposit to clear the bonus.


All eligible members are guaranteed a prize pool of $100000 each month; however, some information is required for illegibility.  Some of the required documents act as proof of your age, residence, and identity. You are also entitled to several bonuses, including a sign-up bonus of $110 upon making your first deposit. There are also regular bonuses awarded on the site.

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