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Tech Devices Influencing the National Football League Today

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The advancement in technology has affected virtually every sector and industry, and the effect has had a significant impact; technology has influenced our daily lives, making us go through every day with so much ease. They even help bettors make better NFL picks.

For one, the National Football League is also a  beneficiary of technological advancement. Technology has greatly influenced the sport by helping to evaluate and improve officiating and protect players. As the league gets better and fairer, making NFL predictions becomes trickier, but the excitement has improved.

Let’s look at technologies that have influenced the National Football League, we have quite a few to mention, but we will briefly look into these eight;


X-Patch is a safety measure in response to people’s worries about head injury; the X2 Biosystems company created two patches to evaluate concussions. It is worn behind the ear and within the upper gum shield instead of depending solely on the helmet sensor.

It is also used to help study cumulative brain damage due to repetitive subconcussive head impact and develop a more comprehensive and personalized remove-from-play threshold.


BioStamp, invented by MC10 company in late 2012, is a small, twisty, and stretchy wearable patch generally designed for the human body. It is a collection of sensors that can be applied to the skin like a bandaid created to improve human health through digital healthcare solutions.

It is as tiny as a coin and much similar to a temporary tattoo which makes it very discrete and allows study subjects to move freely; it is connected to an application that can be viewed with a smartphone or a computer for gathering and analyzing data.

Linx IAS

Linx IAS, which stands for ‘impact assessment system,’ is a sensor that helps measure the extent of an impact on the head and sends quick and cumulative impact data on a smartphone or tablet by wearing the Linx IAS, which fits onto a headband and rests against the skull during activity.

Like most other devices, it is hooked up to an app that gives an accurate and immediate report on significant impact, which enables coaches and parents to share information with medical professionals, thereby providing faster and more accurate treatment for the victim.


The Q-Collar is equipment proven to help protect the brain caused by repetitive head impacts that can alter brain tissue. The lack of this equipment on an athlete during an impact has the victim three times more likely to have significant changes in their brain tissue.

You can wear the Q-Collar is worn around the head and designed to increase pressure on the jugular, keeping more blood in the skull and creating an internal “airbag.”

Vicis Zero1

The Vicis Zero 1 is a helmet designed to protect the athlete and increase the athlete’s comfort and performance. The helmet, which has a soft outer shell and inner layer made up of collapsible columns and is designed to mitigate a collision, is engineered to protect the players from concussive injuries.

The helmet has been in use since the super bowl 50, and, notably, Zero 1 makes the top three list of winners of the 2015 HeadHealthTECH challenge run by the NFL.


The HighandTight was invented by an experienced American coach named Tom Creger. It exploits technology and statistics to train athletes to reduce fumbles on the field, thus increasing ball security.

It utilizes the art of pressure sensing technology to provide athletes with sound feedback that gives a signal to the athletes if they aren’t carrying it properly as they should. It has a multi-sensory training approach to improve ball security and reinforces habits that teach players to fumble less and win more.


Mobile virtual Players, also known as (MVPs) are the newest, self-righting, remote-controlled, padded training dummy. MVPs are a technology designed to act as moving, robotic dummies for football players to practice tackling without standing the risk of getting hurt.

The dummy, designed to get back up by itself after being tackled, runs at a regular football speed, and does not get tired, is set to be a great replacement to the real-time man-to-man combat that often leads to injuries or concussions for players while training.

XOS Digital and Catapult

Catapult delivers leading video analysis solutions to support essential coaching and recruitment decisions. The XOS Digital and Catapult technology are used to help improve gameplay in football.

With a device called Catapult OptimEye S5, real-time data trafficking of players’ performance could help Scouts get the best athlete fit for the NFL. Also, more bettors can start making NFL expert picks.

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