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There exist hundreds of Forex robot reviews in the Web you can find in order to compare the most popular platforms which offer their services as brokerage companies which can propose the newest versions of their own Forex robots or simply who deal with the hugest software developers and brokers. You see, the Forex traders prefer to choose wisely and then select one and the only Forex robot to provide their trades after tuning up one certain program.

Besides most of the contemporary Forex traders use for their trading systems and strategies the basics and principles of the technical analysis and assistance of online Forex brokers and brokerage organizations which logically make them look for reliable Forex robot reviews. Basing their trading strategies upon studying different possible combinations of price actions (mostly via the Forex charts – tabs displaying the price movements up and then down) and taking into account all those numerous technical indicators traders are always in a constant search for the most profitable, advantageous and reliable charting software and Forex robot reviews.

After analysis of certain statistical data, we can name three most popular Forex robots reviews which caused lots of rumors, positive and negative discussions but still stay as the most popular and best-selling ones due to many reasons. If you are a Forex newbie you will definitely find the following Forex robot reviews we offer as very interesting ones.


Traders love this Forex robot because of wide range of currency pairs it supports which makes it available to follow their short and long-term strategies. Fap Turbo’s Forex robots reviews are just hilarious and are encouraged mostly by the fact of the winning rate which has been up to ninety five percents for years and which is more important thanks to the approved statistical data its drawdown percentage (losing trades to be more precise) which is less than one percent telling us about reliability and perfect design of this Forex robot.


This software can boast mostly positive Forex robot review as well and its proud 94 percents of the winning trades. Add to this the facts this robot is fully automated one and trades up to four currency pairs at the same time. Most of robots require from you learning how to tweak them (meaning setting them up) and not always newbies can fulfill this task with dignity. That is why Ivy Bot developers decided to do all “dirty job” instead of you and made this robot as tweaked as it is possible providing their clients with weekly updates for better performance. Many trades found this peculiarity of Ivy Bot very cool while the others insist that manual setting up would be better. It is up to you to decide to which group you belong after trying Ivy Bot in action.


The peculiarity of this software is not just in good Forex robots review but also in the advantage of taking Forex market conditions into a trading account before actual putting a Forex trade which is the alternative to trading way by means of usage of predetermined set of indicators and their combinations along with entry points. This robot is fully automated as well and has its own 96 percents of the winning trades. The only drawback is that this program allows trading only one pair – the EUR/USD – but certainly in the most efficient way than the other robots performing.

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